Friday, January 25, 2013

The Astronomer

Full Illustration
A detail!

My first promotional piece is finished! My main goal with this piece was to just pack it with detail. Lots of textures, lots of little pieces, and lots to look at. I would agree with anyone who said that there is too much in this piece, but I love how many things are going on. It tells a good story about this astronomer character. 

The depth and scale in this image is very important to me. There are several layers of dimension from the main orange cat in the front, to the table of books, to the astronomer, and then the back wall. What I like most is that the figure feels so small in this space... that's a pretty forced analogy to how we should feel as living creatures on Earth. We exist in this vast universe and we're such a tiny, insignificant blip among all the stars and planets. Another interesting point, that was brought to my attention, is that all the animals in the piece aren't setting foot in the room with the astronomer. They're other living creatures (aliens?) observing from another room (a galaxy?) in the house (the universe?).

I should call this piece THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE... or I WANT TO BELIEVE. A silly throwback to one of my favorite TV shows. 

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